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Zambian therapsids


Localities yielding therapsid fossils are rare, and mainly occur in parts of southern Africa. My early Cambridge work was on specimens in the Tanganyikan collection made by Dr F.R. Parrington in the 1930’s. In 1974, I led my own expedition to the Luangwa Valley of Zambia, where Phil Powell and I collected over a hundred therapsid specimens, of very variable quality. The collection was presented to the Natural History Museum in London, where it forms a large part of their Permo-Triassic therapid holdings.

Here are photographs of the more important specimens

Luangwa drysdalli (Eucynodontia, Traversodontidae)


Procynosuchus delaharpaea (Procynosuchia, Procynosuchidae)


Oudenodon bainii (Dicynodontia)


Rubidgina sp. (Gorgonopsia)


Unidentified small gorgonopsian


Dicynodon trigonocepahlus (Dicynodontia)


Rhachicephalus sp. (Dicynodontia)


Lystrosaurus sp. (Dicynodontia, Lystrosauridae)

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